2013-2014 School Accountability Results

At their September meeting, the State Board of Education released limited information about the performance of NC students on State and Federal assessments.  The full release of student performance indicators will happen later in the year.  

The files linked below help demonstrate how Polk County students performed in relation to their classmates in the State and Nationally.

EOG & EOC - Percent College & Career Ready
This report shows the percentage of Polk County students who scored at least a Level 4 on End of Grade or End of Course tests and how Polk County Students ranked in relation to students in other NC schools.

Annual Measurable Objectives
Schools are evaluated annually on the performance of their students as a whole and the performance of various subgroups.   These Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) only apply if the school has at least 30 students in the group.  For many Polk County Schools, there are not enough students in the subgroups to be evaluated.  The following report shows the subgroups at the District and School level.  If the AMO target is Met, the school receives a Y in the Met Target column.  An N indicates that the AMO was Not Met and an I indicates that there were an insufficient number of students to evaluate.

Read to Achieve
In 2013-2014, the NC Legislature implemented the NC Read to Achieve (RTA) program.    RTA requires students in the 3rd grade to meet the Reading Proficiency Standard before being promoted to the 4th grade.  The 2013-14 results for Polk County are linked below.

Statistical Summary of  NC State Results 
The following reports provide performance and growth data based on analysis of all EOG and EOC tests administered to Public & Charter schools in the state.

Background Brief
NCDPI produces an information brief to accompany the annual release of testings results.  The packet helps readers understand the components of the NC Accountability System.

NCDPI Reporting Site
Information about other school systems can be found at the NCDPI Reporitng site linked below.