The mission of Polk County Schools, in partnership with parents and community, is to prepare and inspire each student to be a literate, responsible, productive member of a diverse society who believes learning is a lifelong process.

Belief Statements

  • Polk County Schools work best in partnership with students, parents, teachers, administrators and community where everyone assumes responsibility and accountability for their roles.

  • Schools must be physically safe and orderly places that foster mutual respect among students, staff and parents.

  • Schools should be caring environments where students are actively engaged in learning and are encouraged to take learning risks.

  • High expectations of all partners are essential for successful performance and academic excellence.

  • Students should be taught the way they learn best.

  • Schools should help students to develop skills and attitudes that enable them to be prepared for success in life.

  • A sufficient financial base is necessary to provide programs and services.

Student Achievement

  • All schools will focus resources to ensure that all students receive a sound foundation in the core academic areas.

  • All schools will achieve high growth each year as defined by the State Board of Education.

  • All schools will achieve Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as set forth in No Child Left Behind.

  • All schools will provide specific services for students who are at risk for whatever reason and to those at any ability level not meeting expectations.

  • All schools eliminate the achievement gap between minority/non-English speaking students and other students.

  • All schools will provide varied learning opportunities to prepare students for further learning, responsible citizenship, post-secondary education and productive employment.

  • Polk County Schools will develop and implement career and technical education programs to provide students with the skills necessary to obtain local and regional employment.

Healthful Community

  • All schools will provide leadership and educational opportunities in the areas of physical activity, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to our students, families and staff.

  • All schools will increase on-campus access to healthcare services (physical, medical, dental, psychological) for students.

  • Polk County Schools will develop and enhance after school and summer opportunities for students.

Global Economic Skills

  • Polk County Schools will promote an understanding of the global economy by students, staff and the community.

  • All schools will provide students with the opportunity for multiple language development.

  • All schools will develop inquiry-based science programs at all grades.

  • Polk County High School will develop an entrepreneurial skills program.

  • Polk County High School will expand online courses and college credit offerings.

Technology Integration

  • All schools will provide each student with the necessary skills to access, interpret, and apply information.

  • All schools will have the technological tools necessary for academic success.

Highly Qualified Personnel

  • Polk County Schools will recruit, retain, recognize and compensate a diverse core of highly qualified teachers, administrators and staff.

  • Polk County Schools will offer high quality, research-based staff development for all employees.

  • Polk County Schools will uphold high ethical and professional standards for all employees.


  • Polk County Schools, in conjunction with Polk County governmental agencies, will evaluate community growth trends to plan and provide facilities to meet future educational needs.

  • Polk County Schools will use available financial resources in a responsible, effective and efficient manner.

  • All schools will maintain safe, orderly, and inviting environments that foster mutual respect throughout the school community.